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Sarcoidosis "Our Story"

Sarcoidosis is an "inflammatory" disease.  It all started in November of 2008.  He started to have pain and inflammation in his body.   We weren't sure what was going on with him.   We jumped from one hospital emergency visit to another.  One day I had to call the ambulance because he was in so much pain and swollen.  His skin was tender to the touch.  I remember when the EMT came in and put him on the bed and lifted it husband screamed like never before.  He is a big man that can give you a stern look that would stop anyone in there tracks and make ya think twice.  But on this day, he was a different person.  A man that was litterly brought to his weakest moment.  A husband and wife calling on Jesus for answers and healing.  In January of 2009, my family got the news from the doctor that they were diagnosing my husband Sarcoidosis.  We learned that this is hereditery.  Later, we found out that this disease runs on his dads side of the family.  That makes him more succeptiable to getting it.  How long has he been living with this disease you might ask?  Many, many years.  It started out way back in the day with a rash on his back that he thought was exzcema.  We came to realize that the rash meant much more than dry, itchy, and inflamed skin.  It meant that this was the first sign of Sarcoid to show up and many more signs of this painful, life altering disease could be on the way.