About Us


Here at Table Talk Outreach, the table is our central connection. It’s where we gather to share meals and family stories. It's a place we can laugh and be vulnerable.  It's where we can give and receive forgiveness. The table is a place to pray and experience God’s closeness.   It's important to us to bring families back to The Table, so that they can be empowered to make these breakthroughs and connections together.

We are opening our doors and we welcome you to come join us!  We at TTO believe that knowledge is power, as knowledge is what equips us with the awareness to make better choices and solve problems.  We will talk about food, family, goals, relationships, communication, wellness and hosting at The Table.  

Table Talk Outreach also offers families ways to build connections, develop their goals, and promote lifelong learning through unique classes and one-on-one or group sessions.  Experience our hands-on cooking/baking classes where we share our recipes, tips, and resources, which offer easy, nutritional meals in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  We want to be a stepping stone for you as you move forward.

Tour our Marketplace!  It inspires creativity and encourages family togetherness. Take a peek at our deliciously scented candles, featured kitchen and home décor items, and more. We also offer a selection of special items that are handmade by our Table Talk Marketplace family.

Visit our website at www.tabletalkoutreach.com for more information on our classes, resources, and products.

Thanks for stopping by!  We LOVE serving you.

Table Talk Marketplace Family