Abraham's Table Farm


Abraham's Table Farm

Table Talk Outreach 

Dear friends, family, and loyal supporters,

Our TTO Family wants to share some helpful information about a local

farm that can benefit you, your neighbors, and or your family. Whether you

live in Minnesota or out of state, please keep reading. Abraham’s Table 

Farm is a family farm in Sandstone, MN. Their mission is to “seek to grow

and nourish plants, animals, and people through healthy and sustainable

farming.” This is something that is very close to their heart. Due to the 

unfortunate circumstances in our world, many people here in Minnesota

have had a hard time finding BEEF, CHICKEN, and EGGS. They have

ALL of these food items available. They also have weekly delivery

locations in the Twin Cities. They too have been affected by businesses

closing. Even though we are all going through trying times right now,

things on the farm do not stop moving forward.

We’ve personally enjoyed their beef, whole chickens, eggs, and veggies. 

They just added a blog on the difference between Pastured eggs and Factory

farm eggs. Check the blog post on meal planning #4 


different. If you go to their website you can find out more information 

about them, their farm and how you can purchase a variety of items. They

offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) option, so go to the Store

Page to sign up.

Abraham’s Table Farm is a great way to bless them, your family, friends, 

neighbors,  or loved  ones.  Maybe you live out of state but would like to 

purchase meat for your  family in Minnesota. 


If you have further questions  please email or call them directly.  Check 

their site out at https://www.abrahamstablefarm.com/   

Stay Safe and Healthy,

From Our TTO Family to Yours

Kristina & Marge


  • Kristina